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In 2020 we must have made all sorts of travel plans. Planning vacations around long weekends, checking out some mind-blowing views from hotel rooms, scanning through Instagram worthy locations across the country. However, our plans got crumpled by something that is more powerful than us. And, in light of Covid 19, we had to cancel all our travel plans. In this quarantine, we will suggest some recommended movies that will bring the heavenly Ladakh closer to you. Check out this list of movies that will bring Ladakh to you.

3 Idiots

While the movie takes you to different locations over its course, Ladakh is easily the most gorgeous attraction. In fact, it is one of the few films shot at the Pangong Lake in Ladakh (the climax scene). Along with the bliss, this one takes you through the city also. Kulu, Manali and Shimla are the other attractions.


Film featuring the Indian Army does not take you to the mountains and borders of India. Shah Rukh Khan plays a bomb defusing expert in this one and while doing his best, he also takes us through the serene views of Ladakh. Along with that, the movie is also a great watch, which makes it even more fun.


Hrithik Roshan who joins the Indian Army to prove his capabilities to the girl he loves. And it is this decision that takes us to Ladakh, where the first posting is set up. Along with amazing scenery and mesmerising songs


This is Shah Rukh Khan and Manisha Koirala film with amazing shoot locations of Ladakh. However, since we’re talking about Ladakh, this is another masterpiece that will bring one of India’s most heavenly locations closer to you. I think it fits perfectly with the quarantine mode we’re in.


Salman Khan plays the elder brother of two in this film. The younger one is in the army while Khan’s character struggles to keep up with daily life tasks as he is battling a mental condition. However, while taking you through his journey, the movie also gives you the most scenic views of Ladakh.

Road to Ladakh

Coke-snorting Sharon (Koel Puri) and a nameless strong, silent stranger (Irrfan Khan), are brought together by a road-chase in the surreal moonscapes of Ladakh, when a mechanic mistakenly exchanges their car tires.

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